Local rules

For a successful and safe holiday, please observe the following rules:

Opening hours of the administration: located in the main building and open daily from 08:00 – 22:00.

Check-in times: check-in at the RADI Holiday Complex from 14:00, check-out until 12:00. Other times are subject to previous agreement between both parties.

Only the number of persons indicated in the reservation is allowed in the RADI Holiday Home. No other persons are allowed on the premises.

Accommodation in the Guest House/Camping is limited to the number of beds available. Extra beds are charged separately.

Cars must be parked in the parking space provided. Parking is free for RADI clients and 2eur/car for others.

Night hours: 23:00-08:00.

Fire safety. The campsite is located in a forest with a high fire risk, be careful with fire.

It is forbidden to bring or store flammable materials in the tent and to use appliances with open flames. Candles may only be burned in a stable and safe place (closed lamps) and must not be left unattended. In case of fire, the rescue service must be called (112) and, if necessary, the fire extinguishers available in the sauna must be used (in the sauna room).

Fires or barbecues may only be lit in designated areas, in agreement with the owner. Before using the barbecue, move it a safe distance away from the building, tent, sauna and use caution. It is forbidden to take firewood or charcoal without the owner’s permission. Do not leave the fire or barbecue unattended and extinguish it when you leave.

Fireworks and lanterns are not allowed on the premises, nor is it allowed to light miracle candles indoors.

Sauna: It is strictly forbidden to light sauna fires yourself. Only clean water may be used on the sauna stones. It is forbidden to use beer and aromatic oils, honey and cosmetics while in the sauna.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors, in and around the tent. Smoking is allowed outdoors in a designated area. Smokes may only be thrown in a designated container and carefully extinguished. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground or smoking indoors, in tents may result in a fine.

Water: It is forbidden to swim or do anything else on the water under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. Please be considerate on the water and do not endanger yourself or others. Children may only swim or play near water under adult supervision.

Please throw garbage in the garbage bins provided.

Switch off electrical appliances and lights before going to bed or when leaving the camping cottage.

Play areas. Adults may use the playground, but so that there is still somewhere for the little ones to play afterwards…


Please do not disturb other visitors with your behavior.

Liability. It is the client’s responsibility to report any damage or accidents to the administration immediately. The import and use of weapons, drugs and psychotropic substances is prohibited in the accommodation. Do not leave your belongings unattended, RADI Recreation Complex is not responsible for the personal belongings of its customers.


Pets are only allowed in the complex under the owner’s supervision (dogs must be on a lead or muzzle).


Use of equipment. Recreational equipment is for the use of the site and its clients only. Clients are responsible for the safety of the equipment and any damage caused to it. Please treat the equipment with care (do not intentionally scratch, break, etc.). The inventory is ready for use, but it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that it is in working order before use.

SUP boards should be handled gently by carrying by the handle in the middle of the board. In the water, we recommend wearing a life jacket and a safety tether connecting you to the board.

Let’s respect nature so that you have the pleasure of coming back to us again.